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The Art of

Image Making


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For over 20 years, BRIAN has styled products, food, interiors and people for photography and film.

BRIAN is known for his contemporary elegance. 


Experienced in various fields; including the luxury sector, interiors, hospitality, fashion and food, Brian keeps on-trend, making the ordinary a little extraordinary.

At BRIANGRECH we have our own team of people and we outsource knowledgeable individuals when necessary. 


We work with both individuals and design agencies.

Creating a visual story.

An emotion that tells your story.


Food Styling
Hotel Styling
House/Interiors Styling
Product Styling
Sourcing & Rentals of Props
Art Direction

Visual consultation

Brand consultation



We are not an advertising agency.

We create, produce and deliver for consumer and corporate clients worldwide.

We are passionate about what we do, for you, for your product. We are a small dedicated team, full of creative ideas ready to delivery outstanding results.

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